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Sea~Horse Stable LLC


I have been taking lessons with Christanie since 2010. I rode in my younger years and loved it. After the kids grew up, I decided to get back into it. My first time back riding at a different stable, I fell off. Totally lost all confidence. I still loved the horses, but I was afraid of falling off again. I saw Christanie's ad about getting back into riding and I called. Best thing I ever did. Christanie has the patience of a saint. She doesn't push and I don't think I ever heard her raise her voice. I have gone from a death grip on the saddle horn to a more relaxed rider, ready to try more and more. I only have time to ride for one hour a week and that is the best hour all week. I can honestly say that I have learned so much about horses and their care than I thought possible. Christanie is a wonderful instructor for young and old, my grandchildren have also taken a few lessons with her and they love it, too. I ride Cutter the wonder horse and he is the best ever, he really takes care of his rider.

-Jean O.

Lessons with Christanie have been fun and packed with useful information - and Cutter is such a patient, sweetheart of a horse! Christanie is a great instructor and has great insight on horse behavior and training. I have learned so much! Occasionally, I've had the opportunity to watch Christanie with her very young students and see how she has imparted not only knowledge, but also confidence in them! I would recommend her as a riding instructor for anyone young and old, from brand new beginners through to experienced riders looking to improve their skills! The horses are happy and healthy, the barn and tack is neat and clean, the ring and grounds are wonderful and there are plenty of toys and equipment to use and enjoy! Thanks Christanie!

-Jeannette M.

I have often heard of a particular horses being referred to as a "confidence builder" I didn't really understand the term until I met Cutter! I began riding with Christanie and Cutter on New Year Day 2014... As an aaahm... Older beginner Christanie picked right up on me being a little timid...and assured me Cutter was not going to give me more than I asked...That being said Cutter has been very gracious to teach me just that! Ask and follow through!!!

Seahorse Stable is a BEAUTIFUL facility and both Christanie and Cutter are patient teachers! I have truly enjoyed riding with them!

-Regina B.

What can I say? Christanie has helped my daughter in so many ways. It's not just horseback riding lessons, it's lessons in how to handle life. Who would've thought my petite little girl could confidently make a 15 hand high horse move to where she wants him to go? Who could've believed that she could work for hours perfecting skills she didn't even knew existed a few years ago? Who should have known better? Me! Thank you Christanie for all you've given us.

Pam B.

A new year, a new name, and certainly the hope of new achievements we progress as equestrians, and individuals. What remains the same is the warm and welcoming environment at Sea-Horse Stable. No matter where we are on the spectrum of learning… and we are ALL learning; I have to pause, give thanks, and be grateful for the environment in which those lessons are being offered. Sea-Horse Stables provides the tools for success! A novice, adult rider, I arrived at the barn with little knowledge of horsemanship. What I did have was the desire to learn the skills necessary to become a safe, sound, and gentle equestrian. With the mentoring of Christanie Abel, I have found what I was looking for… and more! Christanie is knowledgeable, has quick assessment skills, and a safe, sound practice. She possesses a teaching style that firm and direct, however her manner is always respectful and kind. I wish, that when my daughter was a young, her riding instructor possessed those same attributes. Unfortunately her experience was one of rapid fire instructions that were too complex for a child to grasp. Those instructions were often delivered by yelling. That environment breeds frustration, and negativity. Christanie’s teaching methods are the complete opposite, which encourages the rider. She never belittles, but instead gives positive feedback. She remains calm, and inspires the rider. She (somehow) always finds an encouraging remark… even when there is little to praise. What I have found at Sea-Horse is a comfortable, safe, learning environment… but to my great surprise and delight, I have been exposed to a group of kind people who also share the love of horses. If you enjoy riding please join us at Sea-Horse Stable, which in my opinion, is the best kept secret in East Bridgewater.

-Denise D.

Christanie is a wonderful instructor, and I would highly recommend her as your riding instructor coach. She is wonderful with all aged children. She started teaching my twin boys at the age of 5. She worked extremely well with both of them. One of my boys was very shy, and she took him right out of his shell. My other son was very eager to listen to her instructions. She made it fun and engaged them. Teaching the basics of riding was something they always looked forward to do with her. She built their confidence and now they are riding their own horse. She found methods that worked with both of their personalities and it was a joy to see how much fun yet instruction my 5 year olds learned from her. I have recommended her to many of my friends with young children due to her ability to work with children, and also my adult friends. Her prices are very responsible too, which is just an added bonus. She is always a pleasure, and makes it such a great experience for young ones. Her technique of engaging kids to follow instruction is truly amazing! Thanks to Christanie my boys learned a lot and was a huge confidence builder for them.

- Crystal P.

I have been taking lessons with Christanie since June 2009.

I am new to riding altogether and fell in love with the Icelandic breed

(with their smooth gaits and gentle disposition after a trail ride in Vermont.)

Christanie’s knowledge and patience has already helped me to become a more

proficient rider. I look forward to my weekly lessons. She is very professional,

her stables are immaculate and her horses are well cared for and loved.

I would highly recommend Christanie (and the Icelandic horse) for anyone

interested in taking up riding or perfecting their skills.

-Ginny C.

I purchased my dream horse a friesian in November 2010 from Dr's Jack and Lauren Curtin. I had no idea how to train a young horse. She was 6 months old and a handful. The Curtin's introduced me to Christanie. Thankful of that because I had no idea where to even start. Christanie and I met and lessons began, at first once a week. We quickly realized she needed a lot more training. She was quite a handful. With Christanie's knowledge and patients and love we rallied through the tough young horse tendencies. Goddess learned quickly that we loved her very much and are here to help her. Christanie's love for horses is incredible. I have had the pleasure to see her with other horses as well she loves what she does it shows in the horses she works with. I am so thankful for being introduced to her. I could not have been on this journey without her. When I am away on vacation Christanie takes care of Goddess I am very fortunate that she does this for me. The amount of things she has trained Goddess to do are amazing to me. 

She trains in a manner that is right for the horse. Everything that is new and introduced to Goddess she has accepted willingly, because of Christanie's way with her nothing is ever rushed. I am so thankful for the pleasure of working with Christanie. If you met Goddess you would not think she was a 2 year old. I have Christanie to thank for that. I am enjoying my journey with Goddess and Christanie. Looking forward to the day we are able to ride her. The ground training is so important for a young horse and Goddess is doing great with this. I highly recommend Christanie she really is the sweetest person. I feel blessed to have been introduced to her and can call her my friend. Thanks for being there for me Christanie.

-Lenette R. (Goddess's Mom)

 Gifta is my first Icelandic Horse. Christanie was recommended to me as a highly skilled Icelandic horse instructor and trainer. I started lessons with her, and my riding ability on Gifta has dramatically improved. I now understand the gaits of the Icelandic horse and the proper cues to give Gifta for communicating exactly what I want her to do. Christanie has taught me so much with constructive criticism and a wealth of knowledge. Gifta and I will be continuing our lessons with Christanie!

-Barb S.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Christanie Abel in differing capacities during the past year. Ms. Abel provided me with equestrian lessons at a stable initially. I found her to be kind, patient and very knowledgeable. She taught me both how to ride and about horse care and behavior. In the spring of this year, I purchased my own Icelandic horse. I am new to the world of horse ownership and Ms. Abel has been an invaluable resource in my time of extensive learning. She continues to instruct me in riding, trains my horse in his various gaits and has helped care for him in my absence. I have found her to be professional, highly reliable, and responsible and a pleasure to be around. I would unquestionably recommend her in any capacity in the equestrian field. I am available as a reference if needed. Please feel free to contact me through Ms. Abel.

-Kathleen D.

Christanie is one of the gentlest, kindest, and understanding riding instructors out there. She is knowledgeable, safety conscious and dependable. I would send a student to her in a heartbeat.

-Gail B.

My grand daughter, Emma, is 8 yrs old she's had 4 or 5 lessons. Christanie is just the best teacher, kind, gentle, patient and so good at what she does. A loving, calm peacefulness surrounds you as you enter her yard. There is something very special about her and it transfers to her students. I'm so thankful I found her. Christanie, is such a good instructor.Her sweetness and kindness just makes you shine. To be able to reach out to kids the way you do & instill confidence in them is such a gift to all of us.

-Dee D.

Rarely in this day and age does one encounter a young person with such maturity. Christanie has the values, patience and tireless work ethic of another generation. As a person of faith, I appreciate Christanie's secure beliefs and willingness to share them when appropriate. She is comfortable expressing her faith to others, but not invasively so. Because I don't have a long history with horses, I am often asking endless questions about everything equine. Christanie tolerates my countless questions and patiently answers each one. I have learned more in the past six months of lessons with Christanie than I had

in the previous 3 years of lessons with another instructor! Christanie also amazes me with her willingness to rise early, be at the barn at the crack of dawn, and (in any weather) work and muck diligently. I can wholeheartedly recommend Christanie Abel as a riding instructor for students of all ages. She has the patience and maturity to work with all levels of riders, and the work ethic and values to be consistently reliable.

-Wendy B.